Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where to Start

If you have never clipped a coupon in your life than you might be a little nervous about diving in head first.  So here are a few tips that helped me get started.
1.  Get Organized!!  I am a virgo so this comes naturally to me :)  Get some kind of coupon organizer.  Start with envelopes or try a coupon organizer.   Having all of your coupons organized by aisle will be a LIFE SAVER & a time saver!!!  TRUST ME!
2.  I would recommend signing up for the Grocery Game.  They currently offer a 4 week FREE trial.  I have been a loyal member for about 3-4 yearsnow.  It’s a great site especially if you are just starting out.  They tell you WHEN to use your coupons and HOW to use them as well.  There is also a helpful message board full of members who are online EVERYDAY!  They are all so nice too!  It’s worth EVERY PENNY.
*** I just ask that if you do sign up could you please use my email address as a reference?  For everyone you refer you get $$ taken off your bill.  And when you get your friends to sign up get them to use you as a reference.  This is NOT A SCAM!   You will love it there and add me as a friend too!
3.Get the Sunday newspaper.  Actually, get one for every member of your household. (if you have a amyl of 4 get 4 papers)  You can get all the same or mix them up.  The choice is yours.  Make sure that you check EACH paper for the coupons you are looking for.  Here is a helpful link  There is nothing worse than buying a paper that is missing its coupons!!
4. Cut out all the coupons that you may use but do not bother with the ones you know you will NOT use.  For example, I do not cut out the Polygrip because I still have all of my teeth.  lol

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