Friday, June 17, 2011

Coups for Troops!!

Do you have expired coupons?  Don't throw them away send them to our troops instead.  Miliatary families are permitted to use expired coupons on their bases.
Please send your expired and non-expired coupons to the address below. 
We would love to include your coupons in our next mailing.

Coups For Troops: The Carolinas

Coups For Troops
PO Box 147
Winnabow NC 28479

Here is the information on their Fact Page

What types of coupons should I send?
-All manufacturer coupons
-Coupons specific to stores cannot be used (ie Target, Publix, CVS).
-Printed internet coupons can be used by our recipients.
-Because of the time it takes packages to get to our recipients, send coupons that have expired in the last month or two.  Commissaries will accept coupons that are up to six months expired.
What do I need to do before I mail them?
We only ask that you cut out the coupons before sending them to us.  This way you can fit more coupons in a smaller package.  You can save money by using priority mail.  
Do I have to sort them, too?
As of June 6 2011, we are no longer concerned with separating the coupons into food and non-food.   
Do overseas commissaries and PXs really accept expired coupons?
It's true.  Commissaries overseas will accept expired coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date.  Read their expired coupons policy here.  Those stationed in Alaska or Hawaii, although considered an "overseas move" by the US military, cannot use expired coupons. 

I don't live in North Carolina.  Can I still send you my coupons?
Absolutely! Our military families don't care where the coupons come from. They just appreciate your support.  

Who will receive and benefit from these coupons?
We strive to help all that stand the line, regardless of branch.
We send one hundred percent of the donated coupons to our recipients all over the globe.  The expired coupon policy only applies to commissaries overseas.  Families serving outside of The US are unable to find coupons like we can here.  View our mapto see where we send our coupons, where our recipients are serving. 

Can US troops use expired Canadian coupons?  Where can I send them?
Unfortunately, US commissaries will not accept Canadian coupons.  There is also no program acknowledged by the Canadian Forces that accepts expired coupons.

How did this group get started?
We searched for a group to send our own expired coupons to. The groups we found were closed or required a monetary donation along with the coupons.  We started CFT to get the word out and help our hard working military families save a few dollars. 

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